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"In educommunication, we understand the communicative process as a human right"

TV  Citizen

 KNOW SP Program

this program will show you our viewer some super interesting places to visit in downtown são paulo and ADCD, our mini reports go to the spaces and show everything. 

 Front with Children Program

is a series of interviews with important people from different subjects, the children create the questions and the interviewees answer, developing  interpersonal skills.   

Playing and Learning Program 

Presented by Educator Adriano Lima,  he gives activity tips  recreational  that can be carried out in schools, camps or even among families, the participants of the activities  are the participating children  from the NGO Pequeno Cidadão, developing kinesthetic skills. 

FuturAção newspaper

it's a serious show at the same time comical  about the future, presented in the year 2050, with futuristic news  idealized by children, about what they think of the future.

TV Radio Citizen (Cafezal) 

In partnership with the community council  from Núcleo Cafezais do Bairro Montanhão, we created a new studio  radio for radio workshops with children and teenagers  who live in the neighborhood.   

Citizen Radio  Vila Vivaldi 

Citizen Radio  hill

Citizen Radio  hill

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