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What is the Small Citizen Support Center?

Discover our history and way of working.

 The Civil Society Organization (OSC) Núcleo de Apoio ao Pequeno Cidadão, founded in 2002, develops socio-educational actions with children, adolescents and adults living in the most socially vulnerable neighborhoods in the city of São Bernardo do Campo - SP through its facilities. and projects with municipal schools.

Our story

2017 Annual Report

Our Projects
Our Awards

Rendering of Accounts 2017

Our story

 Since 1996, carrying out social work aimed at education, culture and leisure for the vulnerable population of the municipality of São Bernardo do Campo and officially organized in  July 12, 2002, the  Núcleo de Apoio ao Pequeno Cidadão, a group of friends in the area of education and involved with social issues, started the “Encontro da Criançada”, an annual event held in the streets of less favored neighborhoods of the city with the objective of providing fun experiences in a nice day for children and their families.

 At the event, children and adults could play, listen to stories, dance, produce toys with recycled material, participate in workshops on citizenship, the environment, hygiene and health; everything was offered for free  and it was gratifying to see how much children and families got involved in the activities and discovered their skills while strengthening bonds.

 Wanting to do more for the children, this group of friends started working at EMEB  Otílio de Oliveira in 2000  through the PETI - Program for the Eradication of Child Labor with children who had learning difficulties.  During the activities, the children had the opportunity to express themselves artistically, verbalize their feelings, show  their talents and realize that they were capable of great achievements. With the development of the work, it was realized that the potential of the children was very great  and that the school difficulties they presented reflected the lack of opportunity to experience different learning and social experiences and that they needed attention and encouragement to develop their full potential. 

 The involvement with the children and the result of the work made that group of friends organize and transform the garage of an office, close to the school, into a talent workshop.

  At first,  arts workshops were held with the children once a week; families were invited to activities together, at the end of which a delicious plate of soup was offered. More than food for the body, those meetings brought food for the souls of the participants.

 The Small Citizen Support Center started  10 children and currently the institution, in partnership with municipal schools, serves 600 children.


  In the 15 years of the institution's history  we have already reaped much fruit; children who have become adults and citizens committed to their own lives, to society and to the good of others,  who occupy spaces with dignity, who make themselves heard and, above all, know the value of respect and their ability to transform the world.

And now you're here with us to write the next chapters of this story!

Our Projects


- Complement family actions  and community in the protection and development of children and adolescents and in the strengthening of ties  family and social.

- Ensuring reference spaces for socializing  group, community and social; developing affective, solidary and mutually respectful relationships; 

- Enable the expansion of learning and access to cultural and artistic information.

- Stimulate the development of potential, skills and talents

- propitiate  citizen formation and encouraging participation in the public life of the territory, being critical, autonomous and capable of resignifying their social experiences, being re-employed and remaining in the educational system.  


- Strengthen the protective role of the family, contributing to the improvement of their quality of life;

- Prevent the rupture of family and community ties, making it possible to overcome situations of social fragility experienced; 

- Promote social acquisition to families, potential and protagonism and the autonomy of families  and community.   

- Contribute to the insertion of families  in the social protection network of social assistance; promoting access to other sectoral services

- Contribute to the enjoyment  of rights

- Support families that have, among their members, individuals  who need care, through the promotion of collective spaces for listening and exchanging family experiences.  

  - Stimulate the development of potential and new life projects.


TVRÁDIO CIDADÃO, is a project of OSC Pequeno Cidadão, the project was created in 2010 with the aim of helping children and adolescents with social vulnerability through recreational and socio-educational activities through the Radio.    

Our programming is very diverse, from programs for children with games to the job market for adults, we try to please all audiences, we always bring good news and news that is not little publicized by the mainstream media.  


Project name

 The Small Citizen Support Center was officially organized on 07/12/2002, but since 1996 it has been carrying out social work aimed at education, leisure and culture for the vulnerable population of SBC A group of friends in the education area and involved with issues social groups started the “Encontro da Criançada”, an annual event held in the streets of disadvantaged neighborhoods in São Bernardo do Campo.

Awards and Recognitions

Itaú Unicef Award

Comprehensive Education


Regional Winner

Project Preserving Life

Itaú Unicef Award

Honorable mention


Regional Winner

Project Preserving Life

Itaú Unicef Award

experiences that transform


Regional Winner

Project Preserving Life

Volkswagen in the Community


Citizen Radio


Itaú Unicef Award

All for Education



Grow Project

Itaú Unicef Award

believe and do


Regional Winner

Project Preserving Life

Itaú Unicef Award

Times and Spaces to learn


Regional Winner

Project Preserving Life

Our team

Valkyrie Moraes
General Director
Adriano Lima
Ingrid Moraes
Bruno Ibarra
Executive Board
Fiscal Council

...and  our countless volunteers, family members and other supporters who make our work achieve beautiful results in  of citizens of the future. Nobody gets far alone.

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